Google Adsense Tips & Tricks

I'm not playing as an expert here but this article may help achieve your first $100 from Google Adsense. I did it in less than 4 months, not so fast but still faster than those other bloggers than already having their Adsense codes in their blogs for more than a year now but didn't get any positive results, if you're one of those i don't intend to hurt you in any way. Just read on who knew after you implemented my 'Google Adsense Tips & Tricks' you will now achieve the $100 mimimum pay-out from Google Adsense.

1. Read the Google Adsense TOS thoroughly.
I think this is the most important tip i can give to any 'Adsensers' out there. I've read so many blog post entitled "My Adsense account is banned!" or "My Adsense account is suspended!" and they end up cursing Adsense to the highest degree possible but the truth is they don't read the Term Of Service (TOS) and just signed up.

2. Patience is a Virtue
There is no quick bucks or instant money on the internet or if there's any that promise you that, that's probably a SCAM and just want to make money out of you.

3. Don't Ever Click Your Own Ads.
This is the most unforgivable act you can do with your Adsense. They absolutely don't tolerate it. Your blog, your name and your account will be banned forever.

4. Put the Ads Above the Fold.
Place the google adsense codes, into the upper part of your blog so that your readers/visitors can able to see it. Remember in Adsense they are paying for every click, if no one clicks on your ads you will have no earnings no matter how many millions visitors your blog is getting.

5. Blend the Ads Into Your Blog Template.
Make your ads appear to be 'not ads at all' so that you're readers will not be annoyed by it. Match the color of the background, the links must be the same color you're using. Don't use any borders, it's unnecessary. If you're gonna be labeling it, the only allowed words is "Sponsored" or "Sponsored Links" they don't allowed labels such as "Favorite Sites" "Click This" "Visit This Links" or any words that invite the users to click on the ads, they must click on their freewill.

6. Use the 336 x 280 Square Ad Format.
This is the most profitable size according to my personal experiences. Place it above the fold, before you're blog posts. I'm using this trick on this blog.

7. Write on a Specific Niche.
I know not everybody will agree with me on this one, but it works for me. Remember Google bot is crawling into your content and display ads according to the topics you write on your blog. Think what ads will be displayed if you write about dogs today, Britney Spears tomorrow and golf techniques the other day.

8. In Adsense, Less is More.
In this ad program, they allow you to put up to 3 'Adsense for Content' ads, 3 Link Ad Units, 2 Adsense for Search and unlimited Referral Ads (not sure!) but that doesn't mean you will put all of this into your blog. In my blog, i'm using 2 Adsense for Content ads, 1 or 2 Link Ad Units, none or 1 Adsense for Search and I don't put any Referral Ads from Adsense, i'm not good at any CPA based programs.

That's it! Those we're the things i'm using into my blogs, test it on your blogs too! who knows it might work.
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