How To Get Your Google Adsense Earnings via Western Union?

On my first Google Adsense payment, i accumulated a total of $117.05 in just four months. Today i just received a total of $167.81 that i accumulated in just two months! How did i do it? Read the Google Adsense Optimization Tips that i wrote from my personal experience in Adsense, who knew it might work for you too! I think i'm sounding like a li'l bit of scammer here. LOL :) but i have proof to accompany my words.

This article will tackle about withdrawing your Adsense earnings via Western Union, which is the most convenient way of receiving because there is no waiting for the checks to arrive via mail, and you don't have to wait for long term clearing time in banks. If you earned atleast $100 at the end of April you will probably get your earnings via WU on the last week of May. This $167.81 is my February & March 2008 earnings combined. In the screenshot above you can see that the payment date is: April 24, 2008 but the truth is they just released it yesterday April 27th, i know it because i check my earnings before i sleep everyday.

How will you know that payment has been issued?
In you're Adsense account Dashboard, click the 'Payment History' tab then you will see a 'Payment Issued' link,

Then click it you will be brought to a page that contain the following info:

Payment Type: Western Union Quick Cash
Payment Date: Apr 24, 2008
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) 000756****
Payment Amount: $167.81

In Adsense, it is written there:

Remember to bring the following when you pick up your payment at a local Western Union agent:

The amount of your payment
The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) for this payment
Your government issued ID (Passport, Driver's License, National ID, etc)
Sender's information:
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Me, I write the MTCN and Google's address and the amount expected on a piece of paper, because you will need this upon receiving your payment. Don't forget to bring a valid ID (i just presented my school ID and my postal ID)

Then your ready to go on a Western Union now? but before that take a bath first! LOL! Not sure where to go? Try this Western Union Agent Locator, to find the WU agent nearest you that is offering Quick Cash option, because some of them don't offer Quick Cash. Be sure to pick up your Western Union payment within 35 days of the payment date, or the amount will be credited back to your AdSense account.

Fill-up a receiving form when you get there, nothing fancy just fill up with your Name, Address, MTCN, Amount Expected, Who Send It, Address of Sender then your signature then they will process your payment for more than 1 minutes and that's it YOUR PAID!

From my $167.81 in Adsense, i opt to received the $100 in US Dollars and the remaining $67.81 in Philippine Peso, in WU $1 USD is equals to P41.60 so i got P2,820.89, which is quite low because according to news it's P41.95 but it's okay i will just exchange the remaining $100 when the Philippine Peso hits P45 per dollar! haha!

So that's it, if you have other Google Adsense Earnings via Western Union related questions don't forget to comment :)
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