How to Withdraw Your Paypal Earnings to your Unionbank EON Card?

So, you're so ready to withdraw all your monthly earnings now, after all your hard work you will now reap what you sow. For all Paypal Philippines users, getting a Unionbank EON Card is the easiest way to withdraw your money. I already experienced two withdrawal from Paypal to EON, the first one is from Paypal to EON Card account processing time is 5-7 days and has a fee of $5 per transaction I received it in 6 days i withdrew $100 back then which equals to 3,991.88 pesos you can withdraw $10 minimum.

In my second withdrawal i used the "Withdraw Funds To Your Bank Account" function, processing time is the same as "Withdraw Funds To You Card" 5-7 days, but the difference is that if you're gonna withdraw more than 7,000 pesos (or approximately $175) it's FREE! no deductions on your money, if you're gonna withdraw less than P70,000 there's a small fee of P50. I received it in just 5 days! Back then i withdraw $231.92 or P9,189.59 because back then the exchange rate is 1 U.S. Dollar = 39.6240 Philippine Pesos.

So this is my third time now and again i'm using the "Withdraw Funds To Your Bank Account" option which is much faster and cheaper as from my experience. These are the steps:

Log-in to your Paypal account dashboard, then look for the "Withdraw" button on the upper portion of your screen, you will be brought to the page pictured below, choose "Withdraw Funds To Your Bank Account"

After you click that, you will be brought in this page, indicate the amount you want to withdraw. Today the exchange rate in Paypal is 1 U.S. Dollar = 40.8567 Philippine Pesos so i'm getting P9,903.25 PHP from my $242.39 USD.

Before you 'Submit' Paypal allows you to review your withdrawal.

The transaction will be marked "Pending" in your Dashboard (April 24)

Update: (April 25), the transaction is marked "Completed"

Let's just wait how long it will be reflected on my EON account, approximate waiting time is 6 days.

Update: My funds has appeared for just 4 days!
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